Week 34 and My Last Week in the Utah Orem Mission

Me, Hna Mena in front of the SL Temple 3

Here are Hermana Kathleen and her companion, Hermana Mena, by the Salt Lake City Temple.

Thanks so much for the questions. I will probably have more time to think and answer them after I get home or while I’m in the mission home on Wednesday. I’m not exactly sure what it going to happen that day other than going to the temple and the private testimony meeting in the mission home.

Hna Kathleen in front of the SL Temple 2

Hermana Kathleen stands by the side of the Salt Lake City Temple. She loves the temples and the ordinances that seal families for eternity.

  1. What miracle from your mission stands out to you?
  2. What companion did you enjoy the most? What companion did you learn the most from? What companion helped you grow the most?
  3. Which investigator impacted you the most?
  4. What was the hardest day of your mission?
  5. If you go back and have lunch with one person you met as a missionary, who would it be and why?
  6. How have you changed spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually? Your relationship with Christ, with members, with people in general?
  7. What counsel would you give the youth today about serving a mission? Why?

We don’t have a lot of time today to write. We have spent most of our time today cleaning, organizing, and packing because elders are going to be working in American Fork in our little Spanish-speaking branch after we leave and living in our apartment. We will be the last sister missionaries in this area for a period of time.

Last zone activity

Hermana Kathleen attended her last zone activity with some of the other missionaries.

We received a phone call from President Killpack, and Hermana Mena is going to Saratoga Springs to be a Sister Training Leader with Hermana Flores! (Two of my companions I have trained are now going to be Sister Training Leaders!) I am so excited to find out what will happen with all of these and other sisters as I have come to love them while on my mission and through the temple open house.

Us and Garcia Family

Hermana Kathleen and Mena share a few moments with the family who was sealed in the temple.

Saturday afternoon we had the privilege to attend a marriage sealing in Salt Lake City for one of the families we have been teaching. It was absolutely beautiful! The spirit was so strong and the counsel, promises, and doctrine taught and bestowed by the Sealer was incredible. Tears just filled our eyes as we watched that beautiful ordinance take place by the priesthood of God.

Yesterday Hermana Mena volunteered me to share my testimony in Relief Society, and as I stood up, the spirit touched my heart, and I realized how much I truly love the sisters in this branch — it is so hard for me to leave them, but I know the Lord has His purposes and He will take care of them.

Brunch with branch member

Here is the sister who just returned from her mission in France. We’re sharing brunch with her family.

This morning we had a brunch with the Kitchen family. Their daughter just returned home last week from her mission in France, and she just glows! As we were talking about her adjustments after the mission, what she told me struck me to the core: The Lord doesn’t want me to be a full-time missionary right now. She can tell by the spirit I carry and the light in me that I have served faithfully, but now the Lord has other plans for me. After brunch, we asked for priesthood blessings from Brother Kitchen, and what the Lord told me in the blessing is this: God loves me. He really loves me. He loves me and is aware of my thoughts and worries. The service I have given on my mission is acceptable to Him. There are trials ahead, but I will be able to overcome them. He has a plan for me and a mission for me to fulfill. He has more spiritual gifts in store for me to develop. And he blessed me with a greater understanding of my patriarchal blessing. During the mission I have seen parts of my patriarchal blessing accomplished. And there is only more in store.

Kat in front of Church headqtrs 2

Here is a surprise picture of Hermana Kathleen in front of the LDS Church Conference Center near Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

And one thing that one of the missionaries just told me as he left is that he can see that my spirituality is high, but the mission won’t be the highest point — that after the mission, my spirituality will only increase. Hermana Mena told me that by the reactions of the elders in our zone, she could see that they look up to me.

The work is real!



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