Week 33 in the Utah Orem Mission

Saturday morning went two temple with Saldana family, received their endowments 3

Here I am with our special family who went to the temple for the first time.

Tuesday morning we had Zone Training Meeting, and at the end the zone leaders asked me if I could share my testimony with the zone (as it would be my last ZTM). As I stood up, tears came down my cheeks as the realization of what was happening got to me. I have watched my companions stand up for these testimonies and have watched friends return home from their missions, but now I was standing there in their place, and it almost seemed unreal to me what was going on — now instead of watching others go through it, I was experiencing this for myself. And I felt the spirit take over as I bore testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ, and of His All-powerful and enabling Atonement.
Hna Mena taught me to make tortilla -- El Salvadorian style.

My companion Hermana Mena taught me to make El Salvadorian style tortillas.

These past few days I have seen the Lord’s hand working in the lives of His children. It’s hard being here and knowing that I will have to leave it all for a while and return home, but it has been beautiful to me to see the Lord working miracles in the lives of His children. Friday afternoon we visited a young woman we are teaching, and she shared with us that after she prayed to know that Joseph Smith’s experience was true, she had a dream where Joseph Smith appeared to her and told her that he saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. She told us that she knows it is true and wants to embrace the Gospel more. The Lord is the Miracle Worker.
Hermana Mills came to the Temple Open House this morning!

One of our former missionaries came down to the Utah Provo City Center Open House. It was wonderful to see her.

These past few days have been extremely difficult, but I have also come closer to my Savior and He keeps teaching me more about the purpose of the Atonement in my life. I now have a strengthened testimony of the power of priesthood ordinances in our lives.
After being so tired, Hna Mena made me lunch. She is such a sweetheart.

After we have been so tired with the Open House and all the traveling, Hermana Mena made us lunch. She is so sweet.

Saturday morning I had the privilege to go to the temple with a family we taught in Orem when they received their endowments. It was the first session I have experienced in the temple in SPANISH, and I LOVED IT! It was amazing to me to reflect back on the first months on my mission when I was so frustrated with myself for not picking up Spanish faster, but to be in the temple and understand what they were saying brought tears to my eyes. The blessing I received while being set apart as a missionary came back to my mind, and I am humbled to see how even when I thought it was impossible, He made possible what seemed impossible at the moment. To see the light in the eyes of the family after they received those special blessings in their lives — my heart was full of gratitude, and I could see that every effort was worth it in helping this family along the path to the temple. In the Celestial Room I could feel the spirit telling me in my heart that this was just the beginning of the fulfillment of what I felt in the temple and the blessing I received from President Killpack. Afterwards when I returned to Hermana Mena, she told me that I had a light in my eyes and I needed to keep glowing and not let despair dim it.
Yesterday morning I was nervous and anxious, but by partaking of the Sacrament and pouring out my heart to Him, He filled my day with light. During Sacrament Meeting the spirit guided me on what I needed to remember — that I had been called and set apart for this work, and with that work comes the spirit and power through Christ.

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