Week 31 in the Utah Orem Mission


Kathleen received her mission call in May 2013to serve a Spanish-speaking mission in the Utah Provo Mission. She was so excited to begin this new journey.

[This week’s pictures cover a journey that began with her mission call in 2014 to her last few weeks of her mission where she is serving in the Provo City Center Temple Open House.]

Thank you all so much for all your kind words of encouragement. It has been a wonderful week: equally challenging, but rewarding spiritually. I feel discouragement attacking me more than ever, but it is beautiful to me that the Lord doesn’t give up on me, and I have a wonderful companion who is so patient and caring with me. She helps me focus on the good in me and not get buried by my weaknesses. Yesterday night I didn’t feel I was accomplishing anything. But then Hermana Mena — she is so precious and wonderful — sat with me and helped me overcome those feelings of inadequacy. She reminded me of the blessing I received from my Heavenly Father through President Killpack: that these families that I am serving will one day receive those ordinances. She helped me see through my Heavenly Father’s eyes — that I am here to do all I can. And that night, we entered a new home for the first time and we had an amazing lesson where the spirit was present and testified to their hearts of the truth of the message we bring. I now feel like I can relate to Abraham (Genesis 15), Moses (Moses 1), and Joseph Smith (JSH 1). Satan really doesn’t want us to be happy. He knows us well and attacks us at our weaknesses. But I am learning about the power of Christ — He can lift us out and give us hope when we feel there is no way out.

MTC Christus

This is a picture from the Mexico City Temple Visitor Center near the Mexico MTC at the start of her Spanish-speaking mission in August/September 2014. She was learning then that she was an “official” representative of Jesus Christ. She was acquiring the Spanish language and the skills of how to be a proselyting missionary in her new language in just six weeks of training.

Yesterday afternoon I was reading in Alma 26 and verse 4 called my attention: “And this is the blessing which hath been bestowed upon us, that we have been made instruments in the hands of God to bring about this great work.” As I read that, the Spirit spoke to my heart, saying: “That is what has happened with you. Here in the mission, the Lord has made you into one of His instruments, and He will continue to ‘tune’ you and strengthen you throughout your life.” That brought me great comfort to my heart.

Payson Temple Open House Christus

Here is Hermana Kathleen again in front of the Christus statue at the first temple open house of her mission: the Utah Payson Temple Open House in May 2015 when she was half-way through her mission. She was gaining experience and continuing to learn how to best represent the Savior.

Throughout my mission I have seen how all these experiences I have had and continue to experience are helping me develop the Character of Christ. He is teaching me, molding me, and helping me develop patience, faith, humility, hope, charity, etc. And now that I am working on My Plan and reflecting back in my mission, I am making plans on how I will continue forth with these spiritual habits and gifts I have received. [She will complete her mission the end of February.]

Provo City Temple Open House Christus

Here she is at her second temple open house: the Utah Provo City Center Temple Open House. This time she is with others in front of the Christus statue. She has gained a firm testimony that she has represented the Savior all along in this journey by serving Him every morning and every evening these past eighteen months by speaking and teaching the words of Christ and by sharing His love for others by loving those she has had the opportunity to serve.

I have been writing down the miracles I am seeing in the temple open house this week. One aspect that is intriguing to me is that I have been meeting so many return missionaries, and they just glow. I intend to do the same.



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