Week 29 in the Utah Orem Mission

I had a really hard morning, and this is what I found -- Hna Mena cooking me lunch.

I had a really hard morning, and this is what I found — Hermana Mena cooking me lunch!

This week we have seen the hand of the Lord guiding us, and He is truly softening the hearts of these families.
Yesterday we saw some more miracles. After a lesson cancelation, we went with the member of the branch presidency who had agreed to accompany us, and Hermana Mena felt impressed that we should go and contact a referral. When we arrived at the address, we realized that it was a trailer park and there were a lot of trailers and we had no idea which one it was. I felt impressed that we should say a prayer, so we did, thanking Heavenly Father for guiding us there, admitting that we didn’t know quite why we were there, neither where we could find that referral, and then pleading for His help to help this individual come closer to Christ.
After the prayer, the member the branch presidency felt impressed that we should talk with a family heading out the door, and when we asked, they knew exactly who it was and where he lived. As we walked over to the trailer where the referral lives, I saw a kitty cat inside that trailer, and I knew we would see miracles!
I am so happy.

Here is one of my little angels. I’m so happy!

We knocked and he invited us in, and he is so prepared to receive the gospel. The Lord truly works wonders, and even if plans don’t go the way we hoped, the Lord has bigger plans in store.
That is how I view the Provo City Center Temple as well. There are so many special memories with the old tabernacle, and when it burned down, we were all in shock and didn’t know what would come out of it. And now we can see that the Lord had bigger plans in store for that location, and now it is a temple. And that is what the Lord is doing in our lives — He is molding us and building us into grand mansions.
Tuesday morning we received training about how our purpose is to “Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts,” and that has helped me remember the importance of ordinances and conversion, and I am coming to appreciate the temple more and more.
My mission president and president's wife

President and Sister Killpack of the Utah Orem Mission.

We enjoy serving at the Provo City Center Temple Open House. It is such a beautiful experience — not only is the temple changing other people’s lives, but it is also changing mine; its spirit is touching my heart and helping me remember that the most important things can’t be bought in a store — Christ, family, and ordinances and covenants are most important, and the restored gospel and temples help make that possible.
Last night we had the privilege of staying over at the mission home with other sister missionaries serving who have long drives to the temple open house. (So it was a mission sleepover kind of.) And before we went to bed, we all knelt down with President Killpack and Sister Killpack, and President Killpack said a prayer. The spirit that filled my heart as we heard him pray for us is a feeling I will never forget. Even though we barely got any sleep last night and are absolutely exhausted from the stress and energy put into the open house, it is a joy.
The Temple changes us. After entering its walls and serving, we can later leave edified and refined.
We went to visit an investigator at a restaurant where he works. And I got sweet potato fries. 1

We went to visit an investigator at a restaurant where he works, and I ate sweet potato fries.

We have a full week ahead of us with the temple. Keep going strong!
Other pictures from Christmas celebration 2

Here is picture of the excited and dedicated missionaries in the Utah Orem Mission.


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