Week 28 in the Utah Orem Mission

Hna Mena and me at the temple open house 1

Hermana Mena and I are so blessed to serve at the Provo City Temple Open House.

This week has been absolutely exhausting, but amazing. This last week I was praying that if it were the Lord’s will, He would let me see some of those families whom I served in my last two areas, and the Lord answered that prayer magnificently. [These families came to the Provo City Temple Open House for the special week having missionaries bring their investigators and less-active members on special tours of the temple.] I am so humbled and grateful for the chance to see them, and sadly I haven’t had the time or the energy to write all these miracles in my journal — that will be one of my goals this coming week. We had the opportunity to bring those we are teaching to the Provo City Temple Open House, and because of it, many hearts are being softened, and we have seen so many miracles.
Provo Center Temple Open House 5

Here we are having our picture taken as a memory of serving here.

One thing we did hear is that the temple department has extended the hours each day for the temple open house; now the first tours will start at 7 am and the last one will start at 9 pm. We have not received our schedule yet for the temple open house (and it is due to change and be mixed up throughout the open house — they told us to breathe, relax, and be flexible), but we will be serving every other week starting next week, taking half-day shifts every day.
One thing that is beautiful is that the temple open house is focusing on three powerful principles: Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, families can be together forever, and ordinances are essential for exaltation.
Provo Tabernacle artifacts

Here are some of the Provo Tabernacle artifacts being displayed in one of the open house sections.

This last week after a long morning in the temple open house, we came back home and finished our Weekly Planning. And it was amazing. And as we were planning, our eyes were opened and the spirit illuminated our minds. One of the CCM (Mexico City Missionary Training Center) teachers was here staying with a family in our branch, and while out on splits with us a couple months ago, she taught us how each of the lessons in Preach My Gospel has a central doctrine: revelation with the restoration, the Atonement of Jesus Christ with the Plan of Salvation, and Ordinances and Covenants (specifically baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And each one of these doctrines can be applied in each principle in the lesson. Preach My Gospel is amazing and has helped me understand the gospel more simply.
Kitty Kat 2

I just have to take pictures of cats as they are just like angels.

This morning Hermana Mena and I cleaned out our wardrobe. After doing so, we felt this burden lifted, and later on we went to the DI [thrift store] and bought some essentials. It feels so nice to clean out and get back to the basics.
We received my last transfer information, and I will be staying here in American Fork with Hermana Mena. I am so grateful for her and for this time I have to serve her with her. We were hoping to stay here together.
Eating at Se Llama Peru

Eating at Se Llama Peru. Great food!

It feels so strange only having six weeks left in my mission. Time has flown by SO quickly, and I am loving every minute. I was enrolled in the program “My Plan,” so now I will be completing an experience for that every week. The mission is amazing. If I could stay longer, I would, but I know the Lord has plans in store for me.

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