Week 26 in the Utah Orem Mission

Pretty Snowflakes 2

I feel like I’m part of this beautiful frozen world.

We’ve continued to see many miracles this week. More cancellations, but we have grown together and have learned some powerful lessons.
1. Happiness isn’t found in things. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we thought it would be difficult to find people home to visit and teach, but on those days new doors opened and we were able to help others come into Christ. We’ve even had the privilege to serve a lot this week –from washing dishes to cleaning out the snow from driveways to giving a loving hug to those who are lonely. It was a wonderful way to spend Christmas — and I have never felt happier. Presents and mistletoe don’t bring happiness — it’s the spirit of Christ that bring happiness, and as we reach out and serve those who are in need, as we lend a listening ear to and take time to visit those who are lonely, as we bring happiness to others, then we are filled with happiness and peace as well.
Snow covers our car

Here is one of our presents on Christmas morning–a snow-covered car.

2. Being prepared leads to less stress and more peace.

3. The little things count. Saturday night we went out caroling with other members in the ward, and the looks on the faces of those families we visited were priceless. šŸ™‚ Tuesday evening we ate dinner with a sister, and at the end she was crying and so grateful that we had called her. She told us that she had needed us that day, and we were an answer to prayer. Christmas morning we shared a message with the family where we are staying, and at the end the grandmother had tears streaming down her face and thanked us for the message and testimonies we had shared about the purpose of Christmas and the power of the Atonement. We had created an environment where the Spirit came and touched her heart.
Hna Mena, me, Sis Inmann, and Sister Inman's trainee.

Here we are at our Christmas Zone Conference: Hermana Mena, me, Sister Inmann and her new trainee sister.

4. “Through the ordinances of the gospel the power of godliness is manifest” (D&C 84:20-21). This past week I was having more ups and downs. Yesterday I came to church with a heavy heart. During the Sacrament, I poured my heart out to the Lord, and after partaking of the bread and water prepared, blessed, and passed by priesthood holders. I felt a burden lifted from my shoulder. And through the talks given in Sacrament Meeting and the lessons in the classes in Gospel Principles and Relief Society, I received the answers to my prayers.

Christmas with Randall family 4

Here I am on Christmas morning at the Randall’s (our landlord’s and landlady’s home).

5. The Priesthood power has been restored to the earth. On Tuesday at the end of the Mission Christmas celebration, we asked President Killpack if he could give me a blessing. I will never forget that blessing and the feeling of love and comfort. In that blessing the Lord reminded me of my purpose and also gave me counsel and a warning: I need to remember who I am. And Satan will try to deceive me and try to make me feel that I am not of worth. Those are lies, and I need to dismiss and repel him. Tears streamed down my face and President Killpack’s face, and I know that what he said came straight from my Heavenly Father. I did not tell President Killpack about any of the problems I have been having. I just asked for a blessing of comfort. And everything he said came directly from my Heavenly Father. I know that Christ has restored His priesthood to the earth, and I am grateful for worthy priesthood holders who can be conduits of God’s power and be in tune with the spirit in order to receive this precious counsel and blessings in our lives.

Randall family

Here is the Randall family with whom we started our Christmas morning. We share a portion of their house.

6.Ā  Nothing is more important than the temple. Saturday morning we had the amazing privilege to witness the sealing of a family we serve. The spirit I felt there, the blessings I heard pronounced upon their heads, the power present in that room — it was amazing. That is what I hope for each of these families with whom we come in contact. We want them to come to the temple.
This is Sister Spellman's beautiful Christmas tree.

I thought Sister Spellman’s (we helped her with her tithing) tree was beautiful.

Today we received Temple Open House Training, so we are running tight on our schedule. So more pictures and less words this week. I love you! Have an amazing New Year’s! šŸ™‚

P.S. Do you have any questions for me? About the mission? For the temple open house? Love you!

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