Week 25 in the Utah Orem Mission

We cleaned up driveway, Hna M with shovel and me with broom. 1

We cleaned up driveway after all the snow we have received. Hermana Mena worked with the snow shovel and I worked with a broom.

It has been another difficult week. The mission definitely NOT is easy, but through these trials I am learning so much about myself, about life, and about Christ and the gospel. I don’t know how Christ could have gone through so much turmoil and stayed so happy and selfless. He is my example, and He refining me through these experiences we are having.

This week we had more cancelations. Cancelations are so difficult, but the Lord is teaching me is about the importance of following Him, and that His thoughts are higher than my thoughts, and His ways are greater than my ways (Isaiah 59:9-10). Monday night we had more cancelations, but we followed an impression of the spirit to go visit a family (even though we thought they wouldn’t be home at a time like that), but we acted upon it, and they were home! We shared the video: “A Savior is Born” and we testified that Christ is the Prince of Peace and of the power of the scriptures and the sacrament to bring this peace in our lives. They thanked us for our visit and for always remembering them. The mom also thanked me for the testimony I shared in the end. I was feeling a little discouraged, but felt impressed to share 2 Nephi 25:26 and we testified of their roles and responsibilities as parents to teach their children of Christ here in their home, and that their loving Father in Heaven has provided them with the tools they need. We invited them to start reading the Book of Mormon as a family, as reading together is a wonderful opportunity that they as parents have to teach their children about the gospel (D&C 68:25-29).

Tuesday afternoon we visited a young woman (who is receiving different lessons from different religions and is very confused), and at the end of the lesson we all knelt down and she prayed to know that Joseph Smith had the experience he had and that what the sister missionaries (we) were teaching her is true. She has such a strong desire to come to know for herself the truth, and we could feel the spirit fill the room as she prayed.

Dec Zone Conf 2

Here are the sisters in our zone during our Zone Conference.

Wednesday we had a Mission Zone Conference, and in that Zone Conference, President Killpack read an email from one of the Apostles talking about a marvelous experience that the Apostles had in the temple talking together about missionaries and the importance of the attitude of missionaries about who they are and what they are — about their identity and their purpose. As he spoke, the spirit bore witness to my heart that that is something I need to work on — I need to believe in who I am and in what the Lord has called me to do.

Dec Zone Conf 3

Here is my zone with President and Sister Killpack.

Later on that day we had more cancelations, but we kept going and visited others families. And one family in particular came to mind, and the mom was home and invited us in. She has felt overwhelmed and discouraged and while we were there, she broke down into tears. I got up and sat by her side, throwing my arms around her in a hug. We testified to her that the Lord is with her and understands her pains and her anguish — that He sent two of his angels to come and comfort her that night. We read from the Book of Mormon, shared the video “A Savior is Born,” and we testified of the power of the Atonement and how it is there for us all. She accepted our invitation to return and read more from the Book of Mormon. We also invited her to the Provo City Temple Open House, and her eyes lit up at the idea. As we read the scriptures and testified, we could see that burden relieved from her shoulders and a light glowing back in her eyes. She is such a special daughter of God.

Thursday afternoon we visited another family and we talked about how our bodies are temples and that the Lord gave us the Word of Wisdom to help us live in such a way that His Spirit can dwell in us. We read D&C 131:7-8, and the father shared his testimony in how living the Word of Wisdom has helped him come closer to his Savior and see through new spiritual eyes. We then read D&C 89:18-21 and talked about the spiritual blessings we receive by keeping the commandments. The mom applied verse 20 — that keeping the Word of Wisdom can help her have physical endurance to run and not be weary and the spiritual endurance to read from the scriptures every day. The commandments that God gives us bring us spiritual and physical blessings (Mosiah 2:41).

Hna Kat at temple 5

Here I am standing in front of the Mount Timpanogos Temple. I love it here!

Saturday morning we had the marvelous opportunity to go to the temple. Throughout the morning, I learned a lot about my identity, my purpose, and my potential through the power of the Atonement. The temple is the place where I truly feel like a princess.

Later we were dropping by to visit other families when we saw a young man outside and we decided to stop and talk with him. He invited us inside to share a message with his other family members. We showed “A Savior is Born” and afterwards got to talk with a mother there who has an amazing testimony of God and Jesus Christ. She has had very many sacred experiences and does her best to follow God in obedience to his will and commandments. She is very sensitive to the spirit and cherishes the guidance she receives from God. She described that each time she receives impressions that they are very clear and that the thought is very loud but the voice is calm. It was intriguing to hear her descriptions of the spirit, and we can tell that the Lord is preparing her little by little to come closer to Him.

That night we had more cancelations, but we acted on the impressions we received and saw more miracles! We got to meet and talk with Richard L. Robbins — he is a writer and creator of those Gospel Study Journals, and he gave each of us a signed copy!

The Robbins family 2

Here we are in the home of Richard L. Robbins, the writer and creator of Love Your Studies. He and his wife were so gracious.

He told me-- Love your studies.

Brother Robbins told us to “Love Our Studies.”

Later on that night we had to fill up the gas tank before Sunday, and this father stopped his car and gave us a bag and said “Merry Christmas!” The bag contained tissues, cutie oranges, water bottles, and crackers. It was a little blessing from heaven — little did he know that we would need those things later on.

Sunday night we were thinking of a family and decided to drop by. Although the mom had to get going, we were able to read 2 Nephi 11 with them as they finished up eating dinner. They loved verse 7 and how truly we would not be here if it were not for the Lord. They thanked us for our love and for the time we are giving to serve missions — that we are making a difference in their lives and in the lives of others.

Later that night (after another cancelation), we felt impressed to knock on a specific door. We thought it was someone else, so when the sister opened the door, it took us by surprise, but she invited us in. Her name is Darlene. During our visit, she shared with us her feelings, and we had the chance to testify of Christ and His Atonement as the central part of Christmas, sharing the symbols that Christmas has to help us remember Christ — the gifts, the tree, the lights, the star, etc. She was so grateful for our visit and that the Lord guided us to her home — because what we brought was what she had needed. That is amazing to me because we as missionaries don’t bring worldly material things, but we bring the gospel of peace — Christ and His Spirit.

Reflecting back and looking at these and more miracles that have happened this week,  I am recognizing now that this week, even though filled with cancelations, was the way the Lord was going to get us in those areas to find those He had been preparing.

Picture after the Wed zone conf 1

We love serving the Lord!

P.S. Y lo siento si mi gramática en mi conversación el viernes es horrible. Estoy entendiendo más de ingles gracias a lo que estoy aprendiendo sobre la gramática de español, y ahora hablo utilizando la estructura de oraciones que usamos en español.


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