Week 23 in the Utah Orem Mission

24 Days to Christmas

Hermana Kathleen loves the Christmas season.

Thanksgiving day we played flag football in the morning. President and Sister Killpack showed up and played for a few minutes with us, and then they had to head out to visit others zones of missionaries. Later on that day we had three “dinners” — one at 1pm, another at 3pm, and another at 8pm. Friday I felt really full from all of the food on Thursday. We had a lovely time with the families we visited. Holidays are wonderful and difficult at the same time. Families are home, but also because they are home, they are busy. But we persevered and saw little miracles throughout the day of the Lord guiding us to those He was preparing.

These past two weeks we have truly felt the spirit as we have taken part in the Church’s Christmas Initiative. We’ve been sharing the video “A Savior is Born” with the members and with those we teach, and as we testify of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, His love, the restoration of His Church upon the earth, and His care for us by continuing to guide His church through revelation to His living prophets and apostles whom He has ordained and given His Priesthood authority. He loves us so much that He followed the Father’s Plan and accepted the calling to be the Savior of the World. He came to earth and gave us the example to follow through His actions. He taught His gospel, which are the instructions to have a happy life here and eternal happiness in the life to come. He gave His life because He loves us and wants us to be able to follow Him through receiving sacred covenants and ordinances and by keeping the commandments, which are our guideposts along this path of life that lead us toward the Promised Land, eternal life with God.

Christmas Cat 2

She believes that cats are little angels.

I am still going through a lot of ups and downs, lots of tears spilled, but with each tear spilt, I feel like that I am healing more. That the Lord is helping me let go of those standards I’ve set for myself and helping me see His expectations for me. Yesterday morning I felt discouraged again, but Hermana Mena took the time to talk with me and help me realize my feelings and to let them go. I felt so burdened, but yesterday I experienced the power of the Atonement working inside of me. And that burden I felt on my shoulders was literally taken off. And these experiences I am having with the Lord help me go forth and testify to others of His power to heal and guide.

This last week we had lunch with Sister Killpack, and she gave us some references of talks that can help us to be more effective missionaries. And throughout all of this, I am learning that I need to remember who I am (like Simba in Disney’s The Lion King). And that brings power. She also talked with us about the temple open house that is coming up this January-March. We are so excited! We (the sisters in the Orem mission) will be taking turns with the sisters in the Provo mission at the temple open house, alternating weeks. It truly is a blessing to me to be able to participate in two temple open houses.

En verdad, los gatos son ángeles.

Another “angel.”

Also this past week we had dinner with an older sister, and she expressed to us her worries and concerns about what it going on in the world. We shared the video “A Savior is Born,” and she couldn’t hold back the tears. She thanked us for the spirit we brought into her home. She shared with us some experiences she has had as a temple worker and throughout her life which have strengthened her testimony of the power that we receive as we make sacred covenants in the House of the Lord and keep them throughout our lives despite the turmoil the world throws at us. She also had been having some financial struggles but wanted to pay her tithing. She had put it in the envelope and knew that if she didn’t get it to the bishop, she would spend it. It was dark outside and she has some health problems, so we offered to walk her down the corner to the bishop’s home. She is such a sweet lady. …

Hermana Mena and I feel that it is truly a privilege given to us from the Lord to serve here — there is a lot of work to do and many families to strengthen in the Gospel, and we feel honored to serve here having the trust of the Lord to serve here in this part of His vineyard.

En verdad, los gatos son ángeles. 2

Hermana Mena enjoys cats as well.

Thanks for all your prayers! Keep sharing your testimonies with all you meet. You never know what good you can do by small simple acts.


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