Week 22 in the Utah Orem Mission

Lots of pictures from Hermana Kathleen Billings but no e-mail.

Picture #1: We played flag football with our zone and another zone. It was SUPER cold, but after running around, I couldn’t feel the cold anymore. I’m not the best at football, but at least I’m starting to understand it. The elders were going crazy.

Thanksgiving football 1

Pictures #2 and 3: We ate Thanksgiving dinner at a local bishop’s home. They made cute chocolate treats for us.

cute Pinterest goodies bishop's family made 3cute Pinterest goodies bishop's family made 2

Picture #4: This is one of our mission “grandmas.”

This is Hna Acosta. One of our mission grandmas 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Picture #5: This father and his family made us a large cookie for helping him rake leaves from his yard and putting them into 24 bags.

father who made us the cookie

Picture #6: We finally went and ate at Beto’s. It was yummy, and we had lunch for the next day as well with leftovers.

We finally ate at Beto's 3

Picture #7: It’s beginning to snow.

It's snowing!


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