Week 16 in the Utah Orem Mission

Here are our final jack-o-lantern "creations."

For our Prep Day, our district carved pumpkins. Here are our final jack-o-lantern “creations.”

October 19, 2015

So much has happened this week. We saw many miracles.

Hermana Peterson, Sister Diuguid, Sister Ritchell, and me.

Hermana Peterson, Sister Diuguid, Sister Ritchell, and me.

Monday night we visited the “D” family. We read John 5:19, which Hermana Peterson thought of that morning in companionship study and it was perfect! It touched their hearts and led them to reflect on how their children see and follow their example. We taught about the things we can do to set that good example for our children. They shared some things they are doing and the Fernandez shared some things they do. Then we talked about how the most important thing we can give an example of to our children of is faith. We will never be perfect, but we do have the perfect parent in Heavenly Father, so we need to help them get to know and build a relationship with Him. We then asked if he had been praying about a possible baptismal date. He said he had been trying. We presented our date and committed them to praying about it. They agreed. I love the them so much.

Here is my district: Elder Nelson, Elder  Wainhouse, Elder Pareira, Elder Sanchez, Hermana Peterson, me, Sister Ritchell, and Sister Diuguid.

Here is my district: Elder Nelson, Elder Wainhouse, Elder Pareira, Elder Sanchez, Hermana Peterson, me, Sister Ritchell, and Sister Diuguid.

Tuesday night we visited “M” and “D.” We set out the Plan of Salvation and talked about how it is the plan God has for us. We also talked about how Christ is central to that plan and is in every single phase of the plan. We then started with the pre-mortal existence. We read Revelations 12:7-11 and also Titus 1:2. “M” shared her testimony of Christ, and they both really seemed to enjoy the lesson. We committed them to reading 2 Nephi 2 in preparation for next week. They have progressed so much, and I feel blessed to have seen that light grow in their eyes. …

Thursday afternoon we visited “E” with Elder and Sister Allen (one of the new senior missionary couples). He told us that this past week he really enjoyed his reading from 2 Nefi. We read 1 Nefi 1 with him and invited him to read the first verse with his name in Nefi’s place. He commented that he felt like he was a lot like Nefi, also born of goodly parents. As we continued, we invited him to look for the correlation between Lehi’s experience and Joseph Smith’s experience. He picked it out beautifully. We then asked him if Jesus Christ came down and gave him a book would he read it. He said if that happened, he would read it all the way through the night. We connected that to the Book of Mormon and how the Lord prepared it for him in his life to help him succeed. It’s so cool to see the connection between the first chapter of the Book of Mormon and the Restoration teaching points.

I wanted to share my heart and the love I have of the families in my area.

I wanted to share my heart and the love I have of the families in my area.

Yesterday we went to Sacrament meeting, and during the Sacrament, I prayed, pouring my heart to the Lord and pleading for His guidance and comfort. And then I listened. All throughout church I received the guidance and counsel that I needed. In Sacrament meeting, I felt the spirit speaking to me about the importance of this work. In the Gospel Principles class, we studied about charity, and in Relief Society we learned about “Feed My Sheep.” From these lessons I learned that I need to look at people as the Lord sees them: with their potential. If the Lord only saw me for who I am now with all of my weaknesses, I wouldn’t be worth much. But because He knows who I can become and sees the eternal perspective, He doesn’t give up on me. And I need to do the same with others. Through the classes, I felt impressed to study more about charity and what it means to be a shepherd this week. And at the end of church, that heavy burden was lifted. I felt alive again. I was reminded that I’m not alone, and throughout the evening we saw other miracles that showed me that the Lord is the one here doing these miracles in the lives of His children, and He is preparing them to receive the gospel.

Last night we visited one of our recent converts and their family, and we did an Family Home Evening on obedience. Throughout the course of the lesson, it ended up in a conversation about how we could come over to their house Sunday mornings and all the different ways we could wake up Ruben. Some of the ones Hermana Peterson mentioned (kiddingly) were dumping a bucket of water on him, drawing with permanent pens on his forehead, etc. And this is where that conversation ended between Hermana Peterson and Ruben:

Ruben: “Where can I file a complaint?!” Hermana Peterson: “Ha-ha. He wants a new set of missionaries.” Ruben: “No, Hermana Billings can stay — she’s nice. You can go.”

We all couldn’t stop laughing. Then we played Simon Says (or really Hermana Peterson says and afterwards Ruben says). We had a lot of fun.

I love Elder Wainhouse's jack-o-lantern--his design explains a lot about his humor.

I love Elder Wainhouse’s jack-o-lantern–his design explains a lot about his humor.

This week is transfers. Last night and this morning I prayed that the Lord would help me accept His will if I need to stay or if I am needed elsewhere. We received the transfer list this morning, and I am getting transferred. My heart is broken — I love the families here. It is going to be so hard to leave them again. It’s as if I am leaving my family — an area in which I have grown so much. I know the next couple days are going to be filled with tears and hugs and goodbyes. It’s going to be hard, but I’m going to keep my chin up. The Lord knows what He is doing.


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