Week 6 in the new Utah Orem Mission

We just finished our weekly planning and had a few moments before Sunday meetings began.

We just finished our weekly planning and had a few moments before Sunday meetings began.

This week we have witnessed many miracles. It’s still hard for me not to achieve all the goals and numbers. Before my mission, numbers were important to me, and seeing a checklist all checked off was the only way I felt accomplished at the end of the day. I’m still struggling with that, but I can see the Lord teaching me that this work is just about LOVE. It’s not as complicated as I make it seem.

A quiet photo session.

A quiet photo session.

This week we had a wonderful experience during weekly planning. Saturday afternoon we were finishing up weekly planning and began companionship inventory. I could feel that something was bothering Hermana Bonilla, and as I gently asked her about it. This opened up to a heart-to-heart conversation between me and Hermana Bonilla. She began to cry, expressing to me her worries and concerns. And then, the spirit took over. I don’t remember everything I said, but I felt the spirit directing me to say certain things and share certain experiences. And afterwards, she thanked me for always being able to say the things she needs to hear to get her motivation and encouragement back. She gave me a big hug and we left invigorated. I’m learning so much from my mission about what it means to be in a companionship — that sometimes I just need to take the time to simply talk with each other — that we need to be friends and have fun. And communication is imperative — without this, little irks can become scars instead of opportunities to become more united.

Yesterday we saw many miracles as well. In the morning, we were at ward council when Hermana Bonilla realized that she had left “her identity” (aka, her name plaque) in the house. Thankfully we had time to go and retrieve it before our other meetings.

The De La Cruz family and a couple of their cousins came to church!

The De La Cruz family and a couple of their cousins came to church!

In Sacrament Meeting, five investigators came to church: Mirta and Daniel, Norberto, Juana and Kevin! Along with Perla and Felipe Saldana (recent converts) and the De La Cruz family! I had a very spiritual moment during the Sacrament yesterday. I am so grateful for this ordinance in my life. I look forward to it EVERY week, and when Friday and Saturday come I can really feel the need for the Sacrament. That’s interesting that you mentioned how your primary students come to class knowing the answers to questions and understanding the gospel because their parents teach the gospel in their homes. This is VITAL. Hermano and Hermana Muñoz (two ward missionaries whom we love) gave talks about the Sabbath Day, stressing the significance of the Sacrament and importance of teaching the gospel in our home.

Later that afternoon we taught Norberto. We talked about the law of chastity, beginning with 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 and how as God’s children created in His image, He has blessed us with one of His most precious powers: the power of procreation. And as we live the law of chastity, we invite the spirit to dwell in our temples and we come closer to our Heavenly Father. I’m gaining a testimony of the power of true fellowshipping. Hermano Peña came with us and shared his experience coming into the church and shared his testimony of this wonderful law. Afterwards we reviewed the baptismal questions with him, and he is getting ready to be baptized the 22nd! Could you pray for him? We can tell that as this date is coming closer, Satan is trying really hard to discourage him.

Hermana Bonilla is actually going to eat a salad! She normally avoids them.

Hermana Bonilla is actually going to eat a salad! She normally avoids them.

After our lesson with Norberto, we had dinner with the Juarez family. Tacos are my favorites. 🙂 Afterwards, Hermana Bonilla shared a scriptures about the power of prayer and bore her testimony of prayer, and then I shared my testimony of the power of prayer in helping us recognize missionary opportunities that the Lord places into our path — whether they be with members, less actives, recent converts, or children of God who have not yet heard of His restored gospel. Missionary work is the Lord’s work! Hermana Bonilla has helped me learn the power of prayer. Now I can prayer in the morning and see the Lord answer that prayer throughout the day or later that week. The spirit was very strong in that room, and I could feel the spirit helping me get over that Spanish barrier. It’s funny to me when I am listening and I don’t even register that we are speaking a language that is different from my native tongue, because I just understand what they are saying. Afterwards, the family had questions and desired to help us and visit families. It was a wonderful, beautiful experience, and they thanked us for the spirit they feel with us in their home.

Hermana Bonilla and I are helping with the tortilla creations.

Hermana Bonilla and I are helping with the tortilla creations.

After dinner we realized that Hermana Bonilla had a really flat tire. We felt impressed to go visit a family. As she walked and I rode my bike, I started going in circles around her along the road. (Haha, I think I’ve finally hit the breaking point. Haha.) Then we felt to ask the De La Cruz family to help. And they fixed Hermana Bonilla’s tire with some special pump and injection and no more holes! And to our amazement, they told us that they had broken a record and actually read the scriptures as a family for an hour that day! We were so excited! 🙂

Anyways, that’s part of the miracles we’ve seen this week. I have the rest written in my journal.

I think I need to still work on that confidence and happiness within, so it can radiate outwards, like you said…

I was successful in making a tortilla.

I was successful in making a tortilla.

One thing that is nice here and in Idaho is that when we are under the shade, it actually feels nice and cool despite the sun and crazy temperatures. And frozen grapes are always lovely. 🙂 My skin is still struggling from the dryness, but I am handling it. 🙂

I love you! The Lord’s Plan is real!

¡Cristo vive! Lo sé y lo testifico ¡con todo mi corazón!

Hermana Billings


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