Week 20 in the Utah Provo Mission

Hermana Billings and Hermana Flores

Hermana Billings and Hermana Flores

February 16, 2015

  1. What has been your biggest challenge this week?

My biggest challenge this week has been letting go — letting go of stress, letting go of worry, letting go of unrealistic expectations. But today we have been cleaning out our apartment, and I have been focusing on forgetting myself, blessing and serving others, and striving to develop the character of Christ. That last one will be one of the greatest lifelong goals I will pursue for the rest of my life.

  1. What has been your biggest concern?

One of my concerns this week has been being late to appointments. I hate it. But finishing appointments late while in a walking area sets us up for a lot of apologies. I hate being late, and that is one of my goals this week: to be on time. On time for studies, on time to appointments, on time to planning and bed, etc. And to help me with this, I bought a new watch today. Hopefully that will help us stay on time. (So please forgive all those missionaries who have ever been late to a dinner or appointment — they don’t do it on purpose. They are trying, but at times you run into people in the streets as you are heading to another appointment and talk with them (like they should) because the Lord put them in their path. Missionaries aren’t perfect. And we are experiencing the power of the Atonement every day in this work.)

Having fun at a District Meeting.

Having fun at a District Meeting.

  1. What has been your biggest success?

Yesterday was one of the first days that I have fasted for others by my own choice without others asking me to do so. We were working with some of our investigators on Saturday, and after our lesson I felt impressed to fast for them. It was the first time that has ever happened to me. First of all, fasting isn’t my favorite thing to do. Second, usually the monthly fast is sufficient for my needs (and it’s interesting how the monthly fast seems to come at the perfect time in the work). But that night as I began my fast, I explained to the Lord how I felt and pled for His help, and that day was amazing. I am gaining a testimony of the power of fasting and how it can truly help our spirit tune in to the Lord.

  1. Who has been your favorite person this week? Why?

Some of my favorite people this week are our STLs (sister training leaders). This last week we had exchanges with them, and that night and the following morning (exchanges start at 8:45pm and last until 8:45pm the next day, so you sleep over at the other apartment), I told her about some things that had been worrying me and things I wanted to improve, and my desires to serve and be a good trainer, to do things right, and to accomplish what the Lord expects of me. And the STL took the time to listen and talk with me, and she taught me a few things that have helped me be a better missionary and trainer. I am so grateful for her and her companion and for all the love and support they give to each of the sisters serving here.

  1. What has been your most significant tender mercy?
Hermana Billings

Hermana Billings

The most significant tender mercy I have seen and felt this week was the companionship of the spirit. I have really felt His power this week. Just this morning we went to Wal-mart and I got my hair cut (fixed up my bangs, trim, and more layers — I’ll take pictures of it this coming week), and the entire time I got to talk with the young man doing my hair. This experience reminded me of that experience I had on the plane as we came from the CCM (Mexico MTC) to our mission. As we were walking in to the store, Hermana Flores and I were trying to decide whether to get my hair cut first or to buy our groceries, but in the end we both felt like I should go get my hair cut. Throughout my hair cut, I got to talk with the stylist. And as I listened and talked with him and truly sought to understand him and what he needed at that moment, the spirit led me as to what to say and of what to testify. And as we talked, I shared my testimony of God our Eternal Father, of the First Vision and the Book of Mormon, and he accepted my invitation to read the Book of Mormon (I wrote my name and a note inside as we were checking out) and to find out the truth of it for himself. Just this morning I was studying chapter 4 of Preach My Gospel about the power and role of the spirit in leading us where to go and what to say. This experience was real-life example to me of this in action. And I learned that genuine love, a desire to help and serve others, and the companionship of the spirit are the keys to this work.

Also, this week Hermana Flores and I have been finding and developing unity in teaching and as a companionship. One night this past week around 10:00pm as we got ready for bed, we were joking about how we should go to Narnia and sleep for 8 hours and then come back and sleep for another 8 hours. Hermana Flores went into her closet and a few seconds later came out and told me all about her adventures among the people. And then that led to us talking about how we could go share the gospel with the people in Narnia and help them come unto Christ. Haha. (Let’s just say we were really tired.) oh, and her English is really good — she lived in Tennessee for the past 10 years or so and just wants to improve her gospel terms. I want to develop a better Spanish vocabulary in areas outside of missionary lessons.

Hermana Billings and Flores at a District Meeting

Hermana Billings and Flores at a District Meeting

  1. Are there any individuals or families (or any members, even your companion) you may be teaching for whom you would like us to pray?

We have some investigators and less active members who are struggling to read the Book of Mormon every day. Some are having troubles helping their children find the right path and turn to the Lord.


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