Week 14 in the Utah Provo Mission

Hermana Lopez and Hermana Kathleen are tired but happy after a long day of service!

Hermana Lopez and I are tired but happy after a long day of serving the Lord and His people!

January 5, 2015

Thanks for sharing the experience with prayer you had during Elizabeth’s first day at BYU-Idaho when the rental car wouldn’t start. Prayer is a real thing. When we pray and plead and pour our heart out to the Lord, it’s not in vain. He hears us — every word — and He will answer our prayers: maybe not in the way that we expect or hope, but He will answer our prayers in the way best for us in the eternal scheme of things.

Your comment on the respectful way your students in Primary hold and handle their Scriptures really caught my eye. The Scriptures truly are a blessing in our lives. So many prophets gave their lives so we could have the Scriptures. The Lord revealed our time and age to his ancient prophets. These prophets saw each of us –individually. They saw our trials, our challenges, our hope and dreams. Then, thinking of us, they recorded the things they felt inspired to as led by the spirit. And now we have both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, two holy records of God’s dealings with His children. And they are truly holy treasures.

Sister Molina and Hermana Kathleen Billings shared fun during a day of missionary exchanges.

Sister Molina and I shared a lot of work and some fun during a day of missionary exchanges.

This week we had exchanges again, but this time I stayed in the area with one of the sister training leaders while Hermana Lopez went with the other over to their area. And as it turned out, I was the only one who could speak Spanish. I was scared to death. This was my first time serving in a Spanish area with the companion who knew less Spanish than I did, and I felt all alone. I was not excited to do it, but that day I saw miracles. I listened, focusing intently on how we could help our investigators come closer to Christ. And the words just came. And as it turns out, the families felt the spirit really strongly as we read from the Book of Mormon and as we testified of Jesus Christ, and I led the lessons while actually translating for my companion from English to Spanish and vice versa so she could understand what was going on and contribute to the lesson as well. That day, I felt the spirit working in me, leading me and helping me understand what our investigators were saying. That day, I learned that I’m not alone. There are not just two companions and companionship. There’s a third companion, and that companion is the Lord. He walks beside us as we strive to serve His children. And I felt his presence and I felt Him there. I felt his help with Spanish. I felt His presence every step of the way.

I can’t believe it’s already 2015. The year 2015 will be my year entirely dedicated to the service of the Lord, and I am so excited to keep going forward and serving his children in the Provo Utah mission.

Love you! Hermana Billings

From another e-mail to a friend:

Hermana Lopez likes selfies--of course with her missionary companion in the picture as well.

Hermana Lopez likes selfies–of course with her missionary companion (me) in the picture as well.

Hermana Lopez is so bold. I am learning so much from her about working only with the cans and want-its, and not spending as much time with those who are not progressing…. It’s so hard. The past two days I’ve extended two baptismal invitations, and both were rejected. Hermana Lopez said we’ll “drop” them and just visit them when we can. It’s so hard, especially when I’ve grown to care and love them and then have them say no. It’s so painful. But then again, that is how God works — He will not force His children to follow His Son and obey His commandments (2 Nefi 2 y Abraham 3:25)


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