Week 12 in the Utah Provo Mission

Hermana Billings' new companion, Hermana Lopez.

Hermana Billings’ new companion, Hermana Lopez.

December 22, 2014

This week has been very emotional for me. I was a crying mess when Hermana Martinez left. I remember our last hug before she went up to the stand and one of the Sister Training leaders beckoned me over to where she was and allowed me to cry on her shoulder. And throughout the whole meeting, I was on the edge of crying again, but I tried to focus on the positive. Yes, it’s hard to leave those I have grown to care for, but at least they are worth missing. I can cherish the time, memories, and the things I have learned serving by her side, and I can see her again after the mission.

And then when Elder Caldwell announced my new companion and I saw her for the first time, it just felt right. (As it turns out, she had been a companion with Hermana Martinez earlier in their missions.) And ever since the first day serving together, I feel like I have known Hermana Lopez my entire life.

I know President Monson and the Quorum of Twelve Apostles are living prophets, seers, and revelators and that Christ leads His church through direct revelation to His prophet, President Monson. I know President McCune (my mission president) is a man of God and that he holds the priesthood keys over this mission and receives revelation from God about which missionaries need to serve where to best benefit His special children in the world. I know that mission calls are inspired. The Apostles consider each one individually, and it is a call inspired from God. Ever since I have come here to the Provo Mission, it has felt like home. It feels like I have known this place and the people here for forever.

I love Hermana Lopez SO much! We just click. I love serving the families her with her. She makes missionary work fun! She has a strong spirit about her and loves serving a mission, and her enthusiasm is contagious. One thing I am learning from her is to be quick to testify. When we contact doors, we testify of their identity as children of God, God’s love for them, and that God speaks and has a living prophet on the earth right now and ask if we can share a message of Jesus Christ and His restored church with them and their family — a message with will bless them and their family for eternity. I am also learning how precious this time we have in the mission is and that we need to use it in the way the Lord would have us do. She is also teaching me to be bolder and put my confidence in the Lord. I was crying yesterday morning, and she helped me realize that I need to put my confidence in the Lord.  One thing she told me really struck me — “Don’t be a perfectionist; you’re taking Christ’s job.” If I try to rely on my own efforts, no, I won’t succeed in learning Spanish — I am imperfect and do not have all knowledge, but God does, and that is why we can have faith in Him and His Son, for they are sure and steady. Hermana Lopez has been teaching me the importance of the foundation of testimony and conversion through the restoration and CPR (church, prayer, and reading the scriptures) and how vital these foundations are for anything else we teach. One quote I love from President McCune is “Losing 10 minutes of sleep because you read the Book of Mormon won’t kill you. But… Not reading the Book of Mormon WILL kill you.” And Hermana Lopez is teaching me through action and example how to apply the guidelines in Preach My GospelPreach My Gospel has the keys to teaching in the way Jesus Christ taught. I am so grateful for Hermana Lopez. (Fun fact: She actually can’t have dairy either.)

By the way, apparently, my name in Argentinian Spanish almost sounds like the city Beijing, China. Haha. And I guess the news has already slipped out about the mission split. All I know is that the June transfer will determine which area and therefore the mission we will be in thereafter. So whatever happens, the Lord is in charge and will have His missionaries in the mission and with the people He needs them to serve.

¡Feliz Navidad!

Hermana Billings


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