Week 3 in the Utah Provo Mission, Part 1

Sister Martinez and I share such a love for the Gospel. She is so sweet and patient!

Sister Martinez and I share such a love for the Gospel. She is so sweet and patient!

Letter #1

Hola mi familia! Hermana Martinez is AWESOME! I love working with her. She is helping me adjust to the schedule and lifestyle of a missionary. She finishes her mission in December. She was born in Vera Cruz, Mexico, and her family lives in Ogden now. She is very patient with me and is always willing to help me learn how to say something in Spanish. She likes to workout and eat (relatively) healthy. She always has a smile on her face.

Yesterday we went to the Deseret Industries and I bought a new bag and some new clothes. It’s interesting that since I’ve gotten here, I’ve become more picky with my modesty and quality. Perhaps it is this nametag I wear — it’s like my identity. It’s a part of me, and I want to dress/present myself in that way too. I’m also finding that since I’ve been out here that I’m feeling like I want to give away certain things–things I feel I don’t need to carry around, the extra baggage we talked about at the Mexico MTC (see John 15).

One thing I’ve been experiencing and learning this week is how the Lord’s thoughts are not always our thoughts. I’ve also learned that people have agency. Twice this week, people called/texted and canceled appointments. We were devastated. However, both those days we found out that the Lord needed us elsewhere at those times. He needed us to visit, speak with, uplift, and encourage some of His other children. On Tuesday we went to a sister’s home, but they weren’t home. So during this time we decided to visit two other families. We had a wonderful discussion on the Book of Mormon, prayer, and significance of the Sacrament with them. And Wednesday, after another family canceled as we were on our way to their home, I felt impressed to take a jar of fruit and return to the family we missed on Tuesday. We visited the family, and after some talk on the porch, she invited us in. We had a 1 1/2 hour talk getting to know about her and her immediate and extended family. We felt impressed to share the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration. Before this time, she had not been interesting in speaking with us, but now we have a second appointment with her.FullSizeRender 2

I know the Lord is preparing people to receive His Gospel. I feel such a great love for the people here, and I think back to the day I received my temple endowment and how I felt an overwhelming desire for all the people in Provo to join with me in the Celestial room. We need to live, love, and share our testimonies. We need to reach out and befriend those who are new in the ward and welcome investigators with love — that act of kindness could make all the difference in whether they return and stay in the church.


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