Week 3 at the Mexico MTC

I'm trying new hair braids in order to quickly get ready in the morning.

I’m trying new hair braids in order to quickly get ready in the morning.

Semana 3 al CCM Mexico [Week 3 at the Mexico MTC]

Friday morning Hermana McDermaid and I attended a Leadership Training Meeting with Presidente Pratt. One comment he made that struck me was that leadership positions are only more opportunity to serve. We are called to be servants of the servants. It is all about service and striving to become like Christ and lead like He leads (the end of section 121 in la Doctrine y Convenios speaks about this and the attributes of a Christlike leader).

This Sunday was our first Fast Sunday. They fast dinner the night before and breakfast the next morning. I must admit, it wasn´t easy. I´m not used to fasting that way (as I usually do the breakfast and lunch fast), but in other ways it was easier. And I really felt the spirit as we attended la Sociadad de Socorro [Relief Society] and Sacrament Meeting.

This Sunday I played the piano in Sacrament Meeting — when they asked me to play, I was a little nervous. I can play, but I hadn’t practiced in a long time. So a part of my fast was for my fingers to remember how to play the songs. And as I played, I found that it came back to me easily. It was interesting to me that when I tried to play a little fancy, I started making mistakes, but when I stuck to the music, I was able to do it. Similarly, when on the Lord’s errand, we need to stick to the doctrine — this is HIS gospel and HIS work, and we have to do it HIS way. Elder Holland´s devotional last night hit this concept home for me. For us to succeed on this mission, we must 1) be converted to the gospel, 2) be obedient, and 3) live worthy of and teach by the Spirit.

Sunday afternoon Hermana McDermaid and I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know the sisters in our Zone who just came in the MTC this week. We prayed before visiting them, and I’m glad we spent an hour with them. Many of them were struggling and nervous and just needed to talk. I shared with them some quotes about sister missionaries that help me, and encouraged them to keep going. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I know I felt the Spirit as I talked with them and the words just came to me. The same thing happened last night as we talked as a district about Elder Holland’s devotional. As I shared my thoughts, I could feel the spirit speaking through me, and I feel some of those words were for others to hear, not necessarily me.

Thanks for sharing President Freckleton’s remarks [about the many individuals in the Provo area whom Kathleen can help teach and influence] — I think about the people in the Provo Utah area a lot, and they fuel my motivation to study the Gospel and El Libro de Mormon and learn Español.

I thought this was a cute view of a towel dispenser. We have unique perspectives here at the Mexico MTC.

I thought this was a cute view of a towel dispenser. We have unique perspectives here at the Mexico MTC.

I wish I could send some of this rain we get here to you — it rains almost every day, whether we want it to or not, but the grass is a gorgeous shade of green, and the temperature is perfect: slightly cold (so I’m glad I brought my cardigans) but nice. I feel my years before my mission, the callings I have fulfilled, the classes I took and time I spent tutoring at BYU-Idaho, and other experiences I’ve been blessed with have definitely helped me prepare for my mission. Our daily and weekly planning sessions remind me of the time I spent each day planning out what I would do at school and figure out what I needed to study when so I could succeed. We are encouraged to do the same here — plan with our investigators’ needs in mind.

And remember that Medical Terminology (HS 280) class I took in Winter 2014? Now I’m using a homemade version of it (with cards and bags) as I study my Español flashcards. I have a bag that I need to review every day, and as I learn them pretty well, I graduate them to my bag I review once a week. I think the Anki program could be really beneficial for learning these words.

I seem to study best when I'm on the floor surrounded by all of my supplies and materials.

I seem to study best when I’m on the floor surrounded by all of my supplies and materials.

Family History is so important! The people are more than names — they are real people with lives, family, experiences, desires, hopes, and dreams, and they all desire the chance to except the Gospel and receive that joy that comes with it.

Some of the scriptures I studied this week include:

  • 1 Nefi 1 (I realized during my studies that Nefi and Lehi’s stories in capitulos 1-4 of 1 Nefi all testify of the importance and power of having faith in Jesucristo.)
  • Alma 48 — the gospel fortifies our lives, and we, like Captain Moroni, can help others come unto Christ and stay safe against the attacks of the adversario.
  • Moroni 6 — this short chapter of 9 verses testifies of the conversion process required before baptism and how we continue to strengthen our conversion afterwards.
  • Mosiah 3:19 — this is a perfect description of how we can change por medio de la Expiación de Jesucristo [Atonement of Jesus Christ]. And it is describing attributes of Christ we need to strive to develop in our lives.
One of my favorite scriptures. I am now able to read much more in Español.

One of my favorite scriptures. I am now able to read much more in Español.

I know Christ lives. I know He is our Savior, and through Him, we can change. We CAN change.

E-mail sent to Elizabeth this week:

The CCM [MTC] is working out well. My life feels really busy, but I love every second of it. One of the most important things I have learned during my stay here is the importance of love. Moroni 7:45-48. I have to show others I love them, look outward, think of others as I study, serve them, show them I care, get to know them, listen, etc. Love is imperative, and Jesus Christ utilized it every second of the day. First He served, and then He bore witness.

One of our favorite times of the day is 10:30pm at night….. Haha, bedtime is very sweet. But my most favorite time is when I study the scriptures and practice teaching. Devotionals are also fun. The church videos we watch on Sunday are nice as well. (Presidente Pratt, the MTC president, said that they don’t show us the videos for just enjoyment — they show us them so we can learn, feel the spirit, and record impressions we receive. So even during the movie we have to take notes.)

I love this Mormon Message: Because of Him.


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