Ten Days until I Report to the MTC!

Yeeks, only nine more days until I get set apart as a missionary! I feel like I’m on a train going 100 mph non-stop. There is so much to do and so little time to get it done. At least I have my goal to finish the Book of Mormon again before I leave. I’m almost done with Alma, so I know there will be a lot of reading to do this week, but it will help me stay focused as the time continues to draw near.

This week has been really busy. We got the last few things I need for my mission. I have gotten most of my clothes for my mission from the Salvation Army Thrift Store. I found my messenger bag at TJ Max, and got my watch from Target. I’ll start packing my bags in a few days to make sure I have everything I need.

Wednesday I went to institute, and in the Mission Prep class we talked about the importance of taking care of ourselves physically so we can dedicate our whole selves to the Lord. Nutrition, Physical exercise, Personal Hygiene, and Apartment Cleanliness can really impact the spirit in our apartment, the strength and energy we have throughout the day, our body’s ability to fight off disease and manage stress, our mind’s capability to think, etc. I love nutrition – it is one of my delights, and I know it is imperative that we take care of our bodies. Our bodies are gifts from a loving Father in Heaven, and if we care for our body the best we can, we will be better equipped to serve the Lord and accomplish His work.

Thursday night I had my interview with my Stake President, since he will be out of time during the week before I’m set apart as a missionary. He knows I love to ask questions to help me understand concepts better, and this time I asked him about the priesthood and how the temple interview questions even as the sisters if they attend their priesthood meetings. He helped me understand that our Relief Society, Young Women, Mutual, and Seminary meetings are all priesthood meetings. I love asking questions, since they help me learn and understand principles of the gospel, which helps me explain it to others when I bear testimony of a certain aspect. He also noticed that something was on my mind, and I told him that recently I decided to become a PA, and the stress and nervousness of what will happen after my mission (school, marriage, life, etc) has occupied my mind. He told me to put all those worries in a box and leave them behind. After I come back from my mission, then I’ll open that box again and realize that some of those worries I had will be taken care of, won’t be troublesome anymore, and I’ll be ready to take them on.

Today I went to a missionary open house for a young man in my ward, and while I was there I noticed a certain sister from the ward not really talking with many other people. I felt impressed to go speak with her. I didn’t know her very well, but I helped out at her daughter’s baptism last year, which was a neat experience. She is fluent in Spanish, and as we talked, I asked her some questions about speaking Spanish. One thing she taught me was the difference between amor (romantic love) and quiero (love for family, friends); she also explained the difference between tu (familiar, younger than you) vs usted (formal, respect, for those older than you, elderly). I’m so glad I followed that prompting. In addition to helping me understand some questions I had about speaking Spanish, reaching out of my comfort zone to speak to others is good practice for my mission, as I’ll be speaking with lots of new people and establishing new friendships every day.

It’s getting late. I have to wake up early in the morning to help clean the temple (and apparently they don’t have a lot of people signed up to do it, so it might be a long day at the temple, which I wouldn’t mind – what better place to spend my time than in the House of the Lord). It’s the first time I’ve ever done this, and apparently they like to take the cleaners on a tour and show them some of the symbolism in the temple, like the symbolism in the carpets, in the stain glass, in the drapes, etc. I am so excited. 😀


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