Marbles of Ice Falling from the Sky

This week was crazy! Tuesday afternoon Rexburg had a hailstorm and flash flood. It was so weird – just all of a sudden it starting raining marbles of ice. My roommates went outside and danced in the hailstorm (even though they got bruises).


Then the rain started. It poured over two inches of rain in less than an hour, which resulted in rivers running through campus. The Manwaring Center, Joseph Fielding Smith building, and multiple married apartment complexes were flooded with their belonging ruined.


Thankfully, our apartment complex was okay – we only got a pond in front of our doors that we had to walk through. The school has helped the students and teachers who were directly affected by the results of the storm. Thankfully no one was hurt. Even though scary and dreadful things happen, the Lord is watching out for His children. Tender mercies of the Lord happen every day. One thing I want to do is acknolwedge the Lord’s hand in my life with more gratitude. I’m an unprofitable servant, yet He continues to bless me, help me, and strengthen me. By serving others, we can show the Lord our gratitude for His tender mercies in our lives.

I am so grateful for the temple and the time I’ve spent serving in the house of the Lord. I want to become an ordinance worker when I return from my mission. Ever since I received my endowment, I have felt closer to the spirit. I learn more about the Atonement, the Plan, and my eternal identity and purpose, and I want everyone to feel the joy I feel when in the temple.

The Lord expects complete dedication from us when we are set apart. I have my interview with my Stake President on the 7th of August, my farewell talk on the 17th of August, and my setting apart on the 19th of August at 8:30pm in the evening. Sadly my Stake President won’t be able to set me apart, since his family will be on vacation. 😦 Oh well. At least I’ll get to talk with him beforehand. My report date is coming so soon. Thursday morning, one of my beloved teachers at BYU-Idaho is going to drive me down to SLC airport where I’ll board my plane home. It is coming so fast. I only have one test left and my last tutoring sessions. Leaving will be very bittersweet. However, at least there is something at BYU-Idaho worth missing. I’ll be back after I serve the Lord in and around Provo for 18 months.


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