The temple schedule coordinator just called me this evening, and I get to be a Temple File Name “Runner” from 1-3pm on Saturdays!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! I am jumping up and down as I type this!!!!!! YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I love being endowed. I feel the Spirit in greater abundance in my life. As I read my scriptures, more insights come to my mind. I love studying the life of Adam and Eve and pondering the ordinances in the endowment. It’s amazing how the Lord teaches us spiritual things through physical ordinances and concepts. The symbolism is amazing. Today in Relief Society we talked about the Israelites in the wilderness and how they had to gather manna every day – the previous day’s nourishment was not enough for the current day. Likewise, the previous day’s spiritual nourishment is not sufficient for today’s trials. We need to be consistently feasting on His Word so we can treasure His word in us and He can use us as instruments in His hands. One girl gave me further insight on this feasting. For our physical bodies to function properly, it needs nourishment from each food group. Each food group provides necessary nutrients our bodies need to function properly. If we only eat food from one food group, we will not receive all the nutrients we need to survive. Likewise, our spirits need all the “food groups” of the gospel – prayer, scripture study, General Conference, Church, Temple, etc. – to be strong and able to withstand. I LOVE this analogy, especially with my passion for nutrition. The teacher also described how each part of the gospel can be related to an ingredient for making cookies. If we are just reading our scriptures but not going to Church or attending the Temple, it’s like only having flour but no sugar, butter, baking soda, etc.

I report to the MTC August 20th, so I have a little over two months left before I go. I took two years of Spanish in highschool, but it went right over my head and I haven’t retained much of it — I’ll continue working on my Spanish. I went through a session in the temple last night, and as I waited in the chapel, I read from the Spanish JSH about Joseph seeing Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. As I read verse 16, I didn’t have to look over at the English version anymore – I read right through, understanding a lot of it. I almost cried – it was amazing. I know that verse by heart, which I’m sure helped, but I’m excited to learn My Purpose as a missionary in Spanish and be able to share my testimony of Jesus Christ in the Spanish language. I know the Lord can help me.


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