Serving Others helps us Love Them

Friday my YSA ward went to the Temple, and I got to be the girl who smiles and hands the towels to the people coming out of the fount. It was so much fun!!!! I can see why people love serving in the temple. My bishop spoke with the Stake Presidency about me serving in the temple, and they interviewed me to send the recommendation to the temple. Now I just wait for a call from the temple, so perhaps I’ll get to serve in the temple for a few weeks before I fly home and pack for my mission. I got to speak with the Temple Matron’s assistant at the Temple yesterday afternoon and ask her some of my questions. It really meant a lot to me that she took so much time to talk with me, get to know me, discuss my thoughts, and answer my questions. I love attending the temple. When I go through a session, new things stand out, and questions come to my mind. Throughout the session, insights come to me, and the Lord can either answer my question or simply bring peace to my mind.


Yesterday morning we had a stake service project where we helped clean up brush and leaves from a nature/camping park. I didn’t want to go to the service project at first, but I felt – that for some reason unknown to me – I needed to be there. I’m so glad I went. As I worked beside my fellow Relief Society sisters, we talked and I got to know them better. In addition, as I helped clean God’s beauties of nature, I felt an increased love for those I was serving and for the land upon which we live. The Lord has given us dominion upon the face of the earth, and with that stewardship comes the responsibility to take care of it. 

This morning my roommate and I went and sat on the grounds of the temple reading scriptures and taking pictures. It was such a wonderful time to just sit and ponder, thinking of what I’ve learned in the temple and preparing the partake of the Sacrament in church later that afternoon.

I know Christ lives. I know He is aware of us and knows our situation. He knows of our diligence and steadfastness, and He will reward our efforts. I know the work we are engaged in – as missionaries in the field, as members in the ward, as neighbors and friends, as students in school – will bring joy and continued light into our lives and into the lives of others. This gospel is meant to be shared.


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