Trust in the Lord’s Timing

When this year started, I thought I knew how my life would transpire — what I would major in, when I would leave for my mission, where I would live, how I would do that, how I would do this, etc. Nevertheless, despite these plans, the past few months have brought many changes to my life. Earlier this year I determined that I would stay for Winter semester at BYU-I and defer Spring semester to leave for my mission. However, during the Winter semester, I felt impressed to stay for the Spring semester before going on a mission. It was a painful decision. Change is hard. It’s natural to want life to go as planned, but life has many turns and bridges that can appear unexpectantly along the road.

Here I am now, and I’m grateful I followed that feeling to stay for another semester (despite how difficult it was). These past few weeks as I’ve served the girls in apartment complex, gotten to know the students in my classes, and served the girls and guys in my ward, I’ve started understanding why I need to be here. The Lord has a work here for me to perform. I am needed here. I love serving the girls in my apartment complex and in my YSA ward. I have such a great love for them and want them to come closer to Christ and feel His love more in their daily lives. I want them to understand their great potential to become queens and heirs of celestial glory. I want them to understand the significance of the Atonement in their life and the power it has. As the Student Living manager over my apartment complex, I’m in charge of the Establishing Zion with Pancakes every Saturday, where we share pancakes and have a scriptural discussion. Yesterday I bore witness to the girls and guys there of our divine potential as sons and daughters of God – we have seeds of royalty inside of us, and as we remember our identity (like Moses did in Moses), we will have power over Satan and become like our Heavenly Parents. After the lesson one of the young men from another apartment complex asked me “You’ve served a mission, right?” I smiled and told him no, but I was going to serve in the Utah Provo Mission soon. He told me to keep teaching the way I do and keep it up.

The time I have spent here at BYU-Idaho before my mission (which has been longer than I thought at first) has blessed my life. I live only a 10 minute walk from the temple, and I can go there frequently to come closer to my Savior.  I’m taking the Temple Prep class again, and I love the deeper insights I receive. Ever since I’ve been through the temple, my life has more purpose. I better understand what I need to do. I feel closer to the Spirit and feel Him near all the time. I love going through the sessions, asking God questions, and receiving answers through the whisperings of the Spirit. My testimony has been strengthened, and I feel more prepared to share my testimony with others.

The Lord’s thoughts are higher than my thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9), and He has greater plans for my life than I could ever imagine. And throughout this journey, patience is key. I don’t need to go at lightning-speed throughout life. My time to serve as a full-time missionary in Utah Provo will come, but in the meantime the Lord needs me to be a member missionary where I am right now. As I do this, I will come to love those around me and be better prepared to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands. My life has been better because I followed the prompting to stay a little longer. Trust in the Lord’s timing. All things will work out for the better for those who put their trust in Him.


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