This is My Desire…

This Spring Semester up at BYU-Idaho I have studied “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” as a part of my Family Foundations class. This document is profound. It declares the beautiful doctrine of the Family and our role in this life to nurture our children and help them develop a personal relationship with Christ. I want my children to feel the way I do about Christ – knowing the power of the Atonement to cleanse, purify, redeem, sanctify; turning to Him, sharing their experiences with Him, telling Him all about their day in prayer. I want them to know the joy that comes through living the gospel and keeping the covenants they make throughout life. I want them to know the scriptures are a source of strength and the temple is a source of power. I want them to respect the Priesthood and desire to serve the Lord all their days. I want them to find joy in walking along the path of discipleship and want to share that joy with others. This is my desire.

The past few days the Lord has emphasized to me that I need to be more engaged in hastening His Work. With my testimony and gift of knowledge and greater understanding of His Plan, I have the responsibility to share the Gospel to others. I have tasted of the sweetness of the gospel and should do everything I can to help others come and partake of it as well. It would be very selfish of me not to.

Recently I’ve prayed to recognize opportunities to share the Gospel and bear testimony to those around me. Today I’ve had two such experiences. This morning we attended Regional Stake Conference (L. Tom Perry came!!!), and one of the girls in Perkins asked if she could sit with us. As we waited for the conference to begin, she talked about her getting her patriarchal blessing last night and scriptures she was memorizing for her class. We then got into a discussion and she asked me for some other scriptures she could study/memorize for her class. So I got to flip through the scriptures and share with her some of my favorite scriptures. In addition, while I was writing this letter to you, one of my roommates asked me a question that came to her mind while studying her scriptures. This led to almost 40-50 minute discussion of the gospel. I felt the Spirit so powerfully as I spoke with her, striving to help her understand the doctrine, bear witness of its truth, answer her questions, and turn her to sections in the scriptures where she could learn more through the Spirit. Reflecting on this, I know the Spirit was the one speaking through me. He used me to help her understand certain doctrines of the gospel. I know the Lord answers prayers. I know that as we act upon the promptings He gives us, He will be more likely to give us more promptings later on.


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