The Most Amazing Day of My Entire Life

Friday May 2nd, 2014 I received my endowment in the Rexburg, ID temple. As I walked through the doors of the temple, it all became real. My heart was shouting, “This is actually happening!” The initiatory and endowment are beautiful. As I listened to the blessings and power that come from wearing my garments properly and living my life in consent to the commandments of the Lord, I was filled with an incomprehensible joy. The Spirit spoke to my heart, comforting me and strengthening me. During my endowment, the spirit bore witness to my heart of my eternal potential, my responsibilities, my capabilities, of the happiness that comes through applying the Atonement to my life every day, of the Creation and Plan of Salvation, of my role and purpose in His work. I have never felt so happy and have never felt the Spirit so strongly as when made these sacred covenants with my Father in Heaven and walked through the door to the celestial room. The peace, the joy, the love I felt overwhelmed me. The light, the beauty I saw brought me to tears. I made it. I was actually standing in the celestial room – standing that much closer to heaven. And all I could think about were the families in the Utah Provo Mission boundaries I will serve. I want everyone to feel of this spirit and receive these blessings in their life, and as I share the gospel with others, I can help them come closer to Christ and prepare to partake of these sweet waters in the temple.

I know the Temple is the House of the Lord. I know He walks those halls and strengthens us as we participate in the saving work performed there. Yes, I still have questions, but I know that as I continue to attend the temple regularly and do this work for my ancestors, I will learn more about these sacred covenants and always keep them close to my heart.


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