The Spirit Bears Witness to our Hearts

This morning before Church, I studied scriptures and talks on the nature of God, and during my study the Spirit bore witness to my heart of my potential to literally become what God is now. I almost started to cry. We are each here on earth to do that exact thing – become like Him. We are each born with that potential. We are spirit sons and daughters of Heavenly Parents. Our Father’s Plan is designed to help us become like Him, and as we apply the Atonement to our lives every day and obey His commandments, we can return to live with Him again. God gives us commandments because He loves us. He has gone through this process that we are in right now, and He wants us to gain all that He has. His Son, Jesus Christ, showed us the way and provided the means for us to obtain true joy in the life to come.

During Sacrament Meeting the Spirit reminded me that my prayers should be an enjoyable, direct conversation with my Father in Heaven. I shouldn’t just pray – I should talk with Him, pour out my heart to Him, and share with Him my joys and worries, my highlights and stresses of the day. He wants to hear from me, and He is always listening.

Missionary work is more than sharing the Gospel with nonmembers and baptizing them – it is also strengthening those within the Church and helping them keep the covenants they have already made. We don’t need “big” callings to serve in the Church – by aligning our will with God’s, desiring to always do what He would do, and being anxiously engaged in a good cause without having to be compelled to do so (see D&C 58:26-27), we can develop Christ-like attributes in different areas of our life. Sister missionaries inspire me so much, and I hope I can be an instrument in His hands in helping others understand their identity and divine purpose and potential. We are called to serve the Lord 24/7. As missionaries, we are to put our whole trust and focus on the Lord. His Work is our number one priority. Truly we are called to serve the Lord in whatever capacities He needs us to. Whether large or small, every calling is important.

For the past few weeks as I’ve been at BYU-I, I’ve been following the morning missionary schedule: 6:30am wake up, prayer, exercise, shower and prepare for day, and read scriptures (mainly El Libro de Mormón). I’m not in the mission field yet, but I can feel the benefits of starting my morning off with the Lord.

I receive my endowment this coming Friday at 6:00pm MDT. Yesterday I realized that next Saturday I will wake up an endowed lady. YEAH!!! I am so happy!!!!!! 😀


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