A Joyful Easter Sunday


I RECEIVED MY MISSION CALL THIS WEEK (April 17th)! I have been called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have been assigned to labor in the Utah Provo Mission. I report to the Mexico MTC on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 to prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish Language. 😀

I feel at peace. In my heart I already feel a love for the people there, and I want to learn Spanish for them. I love the Pre-MTC training the Church has for me online in preparation for the MTC. I want to start praying in Spanish, but I need to learn the words and grammar first. Thankfully, they have sections called “Learn How to Pray” and “Learn How to Testify,” which make it easier. I’m glad that I get to learn Spanish – I feel it will also help me see how a testimony does not need to use complex language to be profound. A pure, simple testimony can be the anchor and motivation others need.

Today in Church my bishop announced my mission call, and he asked me to come up and share my testimony of Christ. After church he interviewed me for my temple recommend. I was surprised that the questions were the same as the questions for my previous recommends. I’m just waiting for my Stake President interview now, and then I’ll call the temple to make my appointment. My bishopric wants to be there as well – I love those old guys so much, and it will mean so much to me for them to be there with me. I called my Great Aunt, and she was so excited when I asked her to be my escort. I walked to Deseret Book yesterday, and I found my temple dress. I almost cried when I tried it on. The fact that I’m going through the temple and serving a mission are becoming so real now. I went on a walk up to the temple this morning before Church, and as I gazed through the temple doors, it hit me – I’ll be walking through those doors in just a couple weeks and receive a sacred gift from my Father in Heaven.

Today has been an amazing and absolutely beautiful Easter Sunday. The sky was gorgeous, the flowers are blooming – the beautiful scenery I observed on my walk made me think about how beautiful that Easter Sunday years ago when Christ overcame the bands of death. Estoy agradecido por el amor de Jesucristo. Because of Him, I have second chances. Because of Him, I can live again. Because of Him, I can gain eternal life.


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